Which is better – Alimentum vs Nutramigen?

As you’ve probably seen by now, when comparing Alimentum vs Nutramigen, they prove to be very similar hypoallergenic baby formulas. Both include all the required vitamins and nutrients your baby needs. Both have a high cost, and both lack sweetness.

However, due to Nutramigen also being soy-free and including a probiotic, its effectiveness as a hypoallergenic formula wins out against Alimentum.

alimentum vs nutramigen

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Nutramigen vs Alimentum

alimentum vs nutramigen

alimentum vs nutramigen

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Nutramigen vs Alimentum FAQ

Here are some of the most popular questions concerning Alimentum vs Nutramigen.

Which is the best formula for a colic baby?

Both formulas are specially designed to help colic babies. Because colic can be caused by struggles with digestion, Nutramigen may be preferred due to it also including a probiotic.

Where can I buy a hypoallergenic formula?

Both formulas can be acquired at certain supermarkets or via online pharmacies. However, your cheapest option for Alimentum and Nutramigen is going to be Amazon.

How long does it take for the formula to start working?

If your baby is struggling with colic or digestive issues, both Alimentum and Nutramigen have been proven to work within 48 hours. Alimentum, however, has been shown to work as quickly as 24 hours after feeding.

What should I do if my baby rejects the hypoallergenic formula?

If your baby rejects one formula, you can try feeding them the other. If they reject both, contact your healthcare professional for advice. When you introduce your baby to baby formula, make sure they’re hungry and thirsty. Try to be positive during the meal as your child may react to your body language, like facial expressions and the sound of your voice.

How to prepare the baby formula

  • Before preparing, make sure to wash your hands with soap
  • Boil fresh water (it needs to be 100 C degrees), then let it cool to room temperature before pouring into a clean bottle
  • Use the measuring spoon to pour the required amount (follow the label or guidelines from your doctor)
  • Seal the bottle and shake until the formula is fully dissolved (this should take one minute)
  • Check the temperature with your wrist before feeding

How to bottle feed

The meal should be safe and cozy for both you and your baby. Make sure that you’re both sitting comfortably, and that the child has his stomach towards you, and that the neck is not turned, as this may make it difficult for the child to swallow.

Try to avoid getting air in the pacifier when you feed your baby, and take frequent breaks so that your baby can burp. A meal typically lasts 15-20 minutes, but can of course last shorter or longer depending on the child’s appetite.

How to clean the bottle

It’s important to keep the feeding bottles clean. Each time your baby has been given a bottle, pour out the remaining milk to prevent bacteria from forming in the bottle.

You can clean the feeding bottle with salt, which is rubbed on the pacifier and the bottle to remove milk residues. Then boil the bottle for a few minutes to disinfect it. It can also be done in a machine wash at 65 degrees, or you can get yourself a sterilizer for feeding bottles.

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