Cat Care and Feeding As A Home Pet

Cat Care and Feeding As A Home Pet

The lofty idea of ​​obsessing over your pet cat is becoming very much accepted in our urban cities, more like a trend that cat parents in India will not give up. In fact, it’s a given that cat owners are slaves to their felines to some degree of healthy obsession; But hey! He’s just making the world a better place.

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Not sure if you belong to the Cat-stung clan? Read More You are the right candidate for this quiz if you have already been adopted by a purring angel or if you are still thinking about filling your home with cute meows.

You’re head over heels in love with your cat if you ditch all the work just so you don’t disturb your kitty while he’s fast asleep on your lap. You certainly don’t want to wake up the furball, even if it means procrastinating to answer a call from the wild.

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Your smartphone has more photos of your cat than you or any other family member (with the exception of your own children). Yes! You are in love with your feline and a fan of selfies with your cat. Also, your social networks stink of your kitty and her crazy antics.

You feel pangs of anxiety if your kitty’s favorite cat treat or food is out of stock on popular cat websites or at the nearest pet store. Take the advice of a fellow cat parent; Always have an excess of cat food and cat litter. “Ugh, I feel better already!”

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Your house is full of cat-themed things, including the Crazy Cat Lady T-shirt, but you still think it’s not enough and you love to buy and display more and more kitty souvenirs.

If you call your cat quirkily cute nicknames like Buchka, puchki, poochielit, or Ladoo Singh; YOU, SIR, are conquered by General Meeaow; YOU MUST GIVE UP!

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You don’t like people who don’t like cats, period. Your philosophy in life is simple: “If you love me, love my cat!” You can’t fathom the fact that non-cat lovers exist. You refuse to even keep their numbers in your phone book, and you excel at dodging any run-ins with the cat haters.

When your cat cuddles up with you, what you experience is the perfect moment of utter bliss. All your stress and tiredness of the day vanish under the hug of your cat. You feel at peace even in the midst of a perplexing situation.

You have regular conversations with your cat and the important decisions in your life are based on them. It’s amazing how cats can read their owners’ minds and you can’t imagine a day without gossiping with your best feline friend.

Your cat’s soft purr is like a lullaby that puts you to sleep every night.

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If you display most of these symptoms, you are, of course, dazzled by the mouser and successfully qualify for the coveted title of “Crazy Cat Person.” We’d love to hear any other symptoms you might have as a cat lover in our comment box below.

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