Chewy Store Pet Food Items for Most Pet Dogs

Chewy Store Pet Food Items for Most Pet Dogs

Did you know Golden Retrievers are the most beloved breed types you have ever seen? The breed is known for its sheer intelligence which makes them excel in obedience training sessions. Due to their quick learning abilities and people-friendly nature, they rank fourth in the list of the 100 most intelligent dog breeds in the world. Their very affectionate character and special affection for children make them great family dogs.

Golden Retrievers have a wolf’s appetite. Being a very active breed and possessing good cognitive functions, Golden Retrievers require a diet that contains top-notch nutrition to thrive.

You should also know that Golden Retrievers are among those large breed dogs whose dietary requirements change significantly as they go through life.

So that pet parents like you are well aware of the correct type of nutrition and also the feeding pattern of Golden Retrievers, here are some of the best foods and feeding plans for newborns, puppies, adults, and seniors den Retrievers.

Dog food and feeding pattern for Golden Retrievers according to age
A) For Newborns (0 to 2 months)

The milk of a mother dog meets all the nutritional demands of the puppy during its first four weeks of life. If for some reason, mother’s milk is not available, newborn Golden Retriever puppies can be fed a high-quality commercial puppy milk replacer, which imparts all the nutrients provided by mother’s milk.

The nutritional profile of milk for baby dogs

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Omega 3 fatty acid: increases cognitive abilities and eyesight in puppies.
FOS Prebiotics: Maintains excellent digestive health and regulates bowel movement.

Highly Digestible Proteins – Builds healthy muscles and strengthens the nervous system in puppies.
Essential Vitamins & Antioxidants: Vitamins like A and D support strong bones and joints, while antioxidants boost puppies’ overall immunity.

What milk replacer is ideal for newborn Golden Retrievers?

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A diet like Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk has all the vital nutrients to support the steady and harmonious growth of newborn puppies. The benefits of Royal Canin Baby Dog Milk:

The exclusive homogeneous formula that makes powdered milk dissolve instantly.
Highly digestible proteins improve muscle mass and bone density in puppies.
DHA (an Omega 3 fatty acid) promotes learning functions and excellent eyesight in puppies.
How much to feed a newborn Golden Retriever puppy?

The Golden Retriever at birth weighs on average around 500-600 grams. As the puppies gain weight daily, the number of food changes from week to week.

Weaning time for Golden Retriever puppies is a crucial stage in their development as they transition from mother’s milk to substantial sustenance.

Best starter foods for Golden Retriever Newborn (1-2 months old):

After your Golden Retriever puppy completes 1 month, he should be introduced to a good starter dog food, which is an ideal transition from mother’s milk to solid food. These foods meet the energy and dietary needs of puppies during their weaning phase.

Starter foods can also be served to lactating mothers, meeting their high energy demands during the lactation period. Here are some entree food options:

Royal Canin Maxi Starter

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Imperial Royal Canin Maxi Starter is a healthy complete starter food intended exclusively for a large breed dog such as a Golden Retriever. It has all the important components to maintain great well-being in both the lactating bitch and her little puppies. The benefits of Royal Canin Maxi Starter:

The croquette rehydrates quickly and takes on a porridge-like consistency, which makes it very delicious.

Supports excellent digestive health.

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Strengthens the natural defenses of both the mother and the offspring.

Fidele Puppy Starter

A feeding regimen like Fidele Puppy Starter contains vital minerals such as calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium, which maintain a stable metabolism in both puppies and the lactating bitch. The benefits of Fidele Puppy Starter:

It consists of DHA which promotes brain and eye development in puppies.
Contains essential vitamins and minerals that improve cellular health and immunity.
Prebiotics and probiotics in the diet help support smooth and healthy digestion.

Hills Science Diet Puppy Chicken and Barley Entre

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Hill’s Science Diet Puppy Chicken and Barley Entre is another excellent starter food for Golden Retriever puppies, as it has chicken and barley as its main components, offers incredible flavor, and unequivocally balanced sustenance. The benefits of Hills Science Diet Puppy Chicken and Barley Between:

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Increases vitality and maintains an ideal body weight in puppies.
Contains lean protein to build strong muscle mass.
It consists of natural ingredients that promote greater absorption of nutrients and healthy intestinal activity.
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B) For Puppy (2 to 15 months).

Golden Retriever puppies eat more than adult Golden Retriever. Consequently, they must be fed at least three times a day. A typical Golden Retriever puppy consumes about 2,200 calories a day.

Nutritional Requirements of the Golden Retriever Puppy

25-30% protein content – ​​A high protein diet produces lean muscle mass and quality in Golden Retrievers.

12-18% fat content: Golden Retriever puppies are a bundle of energy and vitality. Having a good amount of fat in their diet gives them a solid source of energy to maintain a functional way of life. Unsaturated fats also help support skin health.

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