The holy grail of play yards!!

This is the holy grail of play yards! This is one of (if not the only) play yards that has mesh and what a delight that is!! And the COLORS! So simple, this goes beautifully in any room- not a giant plastic rainbow eyesore!! kids don’t scream like they’re in a plastic prison when they are put inside!! They can see out from all angles and that makes a happy momma. Overall, This playyard is very good and comfortable. It also comes with a cool bonus toy that hangs from one of the panels. Kids loves toddling around with the light and music player on the bottom. As far as the structure itself – it’s very sturdy. I have a determined 2 year old that looks to drive me crazy and she is yet to figure out the swing gate, which is easy to use and impressively study. It was simple to assemble and the locks are easy to set and the yard maintains its form. We just recently mounted ours to the entrance of the play area and we’re happy with how well it’s holding up in such a high traffic area. Very impressed and it cleans up well (we had a wayward fig cookie that was mashed into the mesh and it easily wiped off). Skip hop does it again- excellent play yard.

Assemble a fun play space for your little one with the SKIP*HOP Playview Expandable Enclosure. It features detachable toy panels that include rattle bead spinner, shooting star clicking mover, cloud teether, reflective sun mirror and more.

  • Can be use whle sitting or standing
  • Detachable clip-on toy panel with 8 activities
  • Printed mesh panels allow visibility between parent and baby
  • Toy panel features: rattle bead spinner, shooting star clicking mover, cloud teether, reflective sun mirror, light-up raindrop, singing bird toy, plush cloud with satin ribbons
  • Includes hinged gate for easy access
  • One-handed door entry with secure closure
  • Red indicator shows parents when gate is open
  • Polypropylene
  • Play enclosure meausres 2″ D x 35.8″ W x 27.6″
  • Toy panel size measures2″ D x 16″ W x 25″ H
  • Assembly required
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

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